Building Community and Relationships

Community Planning

Community Development and Systems Change

Viswali Consulting offers services in strategic and practical approaches to relationship building for community development and systems change.

We use design thinking approaches, community-engaged research, and group facilitation techniques that foster collaboration and innovation to solve complex problems.

We use both online and in-person approaches to working with organizations, groups, and communities to develop concrete actions that meet their unique needs and build on their strengths.


We have experience in:

  • Pioneering community-university relationships for the purposes of mutual benefit through asset-based community development, community service-learning, course development, training certificates, and research.

  • Facilitating the building or establishing of enterprising and professional networks that enable ideas exchanges and develop alternatives to conventional off-the-shelf thinking for the purposes of systems change.

  • Facilitating cross-cultural and Indigenous-settler relationship building in municipal planning and planning pedagogy.


We facilitate building community and relationships through:

  • Collaborative brainstorming of ideas, identifying ways of overcoming challenges and fostering opportunities for sustainability, including stewardship.

  • Reciprocal arrangements and projects that foster co-creation of knowledge and shared success.

  • Communication, professional development and leadership opportunities that are oriented toward innovation.

  • Inspiring and fostering enthusiasm for new ideas and approaches.

To explore how Viswali Consulting can support your efforts in building community and relationships, contact us here.