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10 Tips for navigating through change and inviting transformation

As a planner my role involves assisting people to manage uncertainty, by understanding it better, and by inspiring and advising how to act. My recent Compassion Fatigue Educator Training from the TEND Academy ( has given me additional skills to add to my experiences in trauma-informed approaches to planning. This training has increased my understanding

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Managing transitions in a changing life

Managing transitions is about managing change. Transitions can involve difficulty and the promise of possibility; they require thinking creatively, while keeping focused, both on the here-and-now, as well as on the future. Managing transitions in a changing life requires cultivating self-awareness and connecting with yourself, and with the world around you. In late 2019, I

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Cultivating compassion RE: COVID-19

Cultivating compassion and community while navigating the rhetoric and realities of COVID-19 Living in Canada, the confusion about how to conduct ourselves during these times that are mired by COVID-19, is adding to the prolonged experience of psychological and physical isolation brought on by the pandemic. Efforts to glean through the political rhetoric and public

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Reflect. Connect. Act. Together. Plan with purpose and design change, starting with yourself. Welcome! This is a blog about getting to the heart of planning with purpose and designing change through a practice that involves reflection, connection, and action. You’ve come to the right place if you are curious about human-centred planning, career mentoring, community

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