Urban Planning

Viswali Consulting

At Viswali Consulting, we collaborate to build human-centred plans, policies, and relationships with diverse communities to facilitate individual and systems change and achieve lasting results.

We offer services in career mentoring, cross-cultural and community relationship building, policy and planning research, public speaking, and training. Equity, diversity, and inclusion inform everything that we do.

Our Services:

  • Career Mentoring
    Individualized career mentoring and forward-thinking leadership advice, specializing in support for early and mid-career professionals, academics, and almost anyone in a life transition.

  • Building Community and Relationships
    Strategic and practical approaches to relationship building for community development and systems change.

  • Research and Writing
    Research that draws from human-centred planning and policy expertise, deep curiosity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Public Speaking and Training
    Public speaking and facilitated training workshops that captivate audiences, and encourage conversation and action.

Let us help you to plan with purpose and design change.


Leela is a skilled listener whose greatest superpower is the ability to see the best in everyone. In our time working together she helped me to set personal, professional and academic goals, create an individualized plan that was appropriate for me and my circumstance, and facilitated the self-growth, personal development and skills training required to follow through.

Rebecca Tan, Policy Advisor, social innovation fellow

Leela is skilled in providing advice and direction that is both insightful and empathetic. She always made the effort to understand my unique situation, both personally and professionally, so as to offer the most contextually specific recommendations. Also, Leela’s sense of humour and warm demeanour makes her a joy to speak with.

Michael Rac, Urban Planner

What stands out for me working with Leela is that she obviously values the work of practitioners and community members. She finds ways to help that honour the position and circumstance of her partners and doesn’t try to apply a particular structure or theory that suits her best. Rather, she listens to what partners need and want and offers what she can that meets those needs. Leela establishes true partnerships, and leverages her resources and networks to serve the community. Leela shows you what is possible when you have the right partner: she keeps the fire lit for you.

Ellyn Clost-Lambert, Community Research Professional

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